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Welcome. This site is my ongoing attempt to consider, envision, arrive at, plot and share a path towards a world of respect in all senses: the kind of world many of us at least thought was possible when we were children, even if we later became pessimistic about the possibility; the kind of world where people, other living beings and the planet itself are approached and treated in the way that it seemed obvious that they ought to be when we were children - all with the benefit of our more experienced adult minds, but in saying this I certainly don't mean to exclude younger readers; in fact, I value my younger readers very much.

This site is living. In another age, I would have published it as a book, complete and static. The internet makes it possible for me to instead share it bit by bit, editing and updating it as I go - why wait for it to be complete before publishing it unless I am afraid of my mistakes, changes of mind and development of ideas being publicly visible? Why delay getting incomplete ideas out there when there is no need for delay? Perhaps an incomplete vision inspires something in somebody of which they would otherwise have been deprived if I had instead waited until I had wrapped everything up before publishing anything at all.

The site will, though, have a sort of continuity approximately similar to a book, so that it should be possible - when it is "complete" - to read it through "from cover to cover", in the order it was intended to be read. For this purpose, I maintain a sitemap (below), which lists all existing pages in the order in which they are intended to be read. Too, at the bottom of each page is a link to the next page in the intended order of reading. The sitemap is a good place from which to start, and to which to return when checking for updates - there I will mark pages newer than, or changed a lot within, the past two months.

Because I live in Australia, some of this site's content is or will be specific to Australia, but much of it is or will be global in scope.

May you find value in this site, and may it inspire you on your own journey.

With respect,


This is not just a sitemap of current content, but also a plan for content yet to be written. Both the current and planned content are still somewhat disjointed, but hopefully contain some sort of value.

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The next page, Introduction, provides a bit more detail on this site's purpose, content and context.